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Hello, I’m Jeff Kippley, a fifth-generation family farmer and the Vice President of National Farmers Union. I raise 2,500 acres of crops and run a 150-head cow/calf cattle operation in northeastern South Dakota with my wife, Rachel and our four children: Noah, 17; Titus, 15, Aaron, 11 and Moriah, 9.

It has been an honor to serve family farmers and ranchers as Vice President of National Farmers Union.

I ask for your vote so I can continue to advocate for:

  • Price Transparency
  • MCOOL (Mandatory Country of Origin Labeling)
  • Landowner Rights
  • Higher Ethanol Blends like E30

Like many of you, I also work full-time off the farm to sustain our family’s agriculture operation. Working with family, Rachel and I own a tax preparation service. As tax advisors, we see the numbers behind many family farms and ranches. And it’s not just our family farm that needs off-farm income to stay afloat financially – it is the majority of family agriculture producers.

Policy changes need to take place soon, so our children can earn a fair living on the family farm or ranch. As your Vice President, in addition to advocacy work, I have traveled to meet with members across the United States and worked with local Farmers Union staff to increase membership numbers.

Meeting with members like you gives me the unique opportunity to better understand your needs and learn how National Farmers Union can better serve you.  Getting to know you and learn about your family farm and ranch operations has truly been an honor. Thank you. 

But there is more work to do. And I hope you elect me again so I can continue to work hard for you to ensure your voice is heard by policymakers.

I firmly believe Farmers Union is the organization to bring about necessary policy change. We are a grassroots organization where the voice of the farmer and rancher is heard because we develop the policy. And policymakers respect this fact.

I’m a farmer like you. As your Vice President, I am often called upon by policymakers to provide a farmer’s perspective and feedback on proposed legislation. 

Know that when I meet with government officials and elected leaders together with National Farmers Union staff, our message is clear: family agriculture is essential to both food security and national security.

Thank you for electing me to serve in 2022. I ask for your vote in 2024 so that I can continue working for you.

The task at hand is no small undertaking, but know that I am up for this challenge.


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P.S. I’d love to hear from you! Here’s how we can connect:

E-Mail: [email protected]

Text or Call: 605-380-9893