SDFU Achievement & Councils

South Dakota Farmers Union recognizes the hard work our youth put into their leaderships development projects, to reward them and continue to encourage their active involvement in their communities.

  • First Year Senior Achievement
    Awards half payment to attend state camp for the following year.
  • Second Year Senior Achievement
    Awards a three-day educational legislative trip to Huron to watch and learn about the process of setting new policy in a grassroot organization as well as the history of Farmers Union.
  • Third Year Senior Achievement
    This award combines both fun and education on a bus trip to Minneapolis, MN. Participants tour regional cooperative facilities and learn about a number of non-agricultural cooperatives such as REI (Recreation Equipment Cooperative) and food store cooperatives. While in the Twin Cities, they visit a variety of other Minneapolis/St. Paul points of interest.
  • Fourth Year Senior Achievement
    This award gives a senior youth the opportunity to attend the National Farmers Union Convention. Students will get to represent South Dakota and hear from policy makers and educators on topics ranging from fair and competitive markets, to cooperatives, engaging the next generation, biofuels, and more.
  • Fifth Year Senior Achievement
    The highest honor bestowed upon young people within the Farmers Union is that of “Torchbearer”. These individuals are honored at the state convention and are eligible to represent South Dakota at the National Farmers Union Washington DC Fly-In.