108th Annual State Convention

108th Convention

Welcome to the 108th Annual South Dakota Farmers Union Convention. Our annual convention is regarded as one of the most important events of the year. As a grass roots farm organization, our annual convention allows for our members to gather together to discuss and develop vital agriculture policy that serves the best interest of rural family farmers and ranchers.

This year we welcome special guests Larry Rhoden – SD Lieutenant Governor, Michael Kades – Deputy Assistant Attorney General, and Rob Larew – President of National Farmers Union.

Panel discussions will focus on transparency and accountability within the cattle industry and taking back property rights.

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*** Delegates – credential cards must be received by November 21st, 2023 ***

2023 Credential Committee

  • Sarah Perrion
  • Ione Cap
  • Garrett Kruger
  • Terry Sestak

2023 Policy Committee

  • David Cap
  • Paul Hotchkiss
  • Rob Lee
  • Hank Wonnenberg
  • Mary Ellen Cammack
  • Joe Painter
  • Jenae Gross