2022 Farmers Union Camps Focus on Leadership, Unique Learning Experiences

Posted on: May 20, 2022   |   Category: News Releases

By Toby Kane

South Dakota Farmers Union is making leadership a hands-on part of their 2022 slate of educational youth camps.

“Leadership is not something you just do, it is learned and practiced through your daily interactions,” said Educational Director Rachel Haigh-Blume. “Leadership development is such an important part of encouraging our youth and young adults as they learn the skills that take them into their future.”

“Each summer, we focus on taking campers’ skills to the next level with different activities. When combined after years of attending, the lessons help develop them into the future leaders in our rural communities,” added Haigh-Blume.

This year’s theme is “Community of Cooperation,” emphasizing that the best leaders understand cooperation. Camps explore the cooperative model, its principles and how cooperatives impact our daily lives.

All summer camps will feature interactive games that make lessons memorable and impactful. The day camps hosted in counties across South Dakota will focus on pollination and food sources, as well as fun games and activities.

South Dakota Farmers Union is also partnering with South Dakota Soybean Association to discuss soybeans and the hidden uses of soybeans in products such as crayons, sunscreen and their broad applications.

“Each camp retains its community uniqueness,” said Haigh-Blume. “We include local speakers and encourage the campers to reach out to local leaders and cooperatives.”

The state leadership camp will feature a variety of interactive activities on the foundational skills of leadership, teamwork, communication and cooperation.

Special guest speaker Dan Meers of the Kansas City Chiefs will be talking about overcoming obstacles while keeping your goals in site. Other planned activities include camper skits, ropes course challenges, TikTok videos, cooperative challenge cornhole tournaments and a trip to the Crazy Horse laser show.

Each camp activity is designed to not only be fun, but also include relationship-building and discussion on cooperatives and leadership.

“We plan to have many cooperative games where the campers not only have fun, but work together to get the job done,” said Junior Advisory Councilor Rachel Gerlach from Corsica/Stickney. “Discussion on leadership and cooperatives is always important. As we do so, we want to be sure everyone has a great time.”

To register and for a full list of South Dakota Farmers Union upcoming camps, click here.

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