Aberdeen Farmer Elected Second Term as NFU Vice President

Posted on: March 11, 2024   |   Category: News Releases
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Jeff Kippley is sworn in for a second term serving as NFU Vice President. Click HERE to watch video.

Family farmers and ranchers from across the nation elected Aberdeen farmer, Jeff Kippley to serve a second term as the National Farmers Union Vice President today, March 11, during the organization’s national convention held in Scottsdale, Arizona.

“There is more work to do, and I am eager to continue to work hard for you,” Kippley said.

President of South Dakota Farmers Union Doug Sombke agreed.

“Jeff Kippley has been such a great addition to National Farmers Union,” said Sombke, who also serves as Treasurer of National Farmers Union. “His background as a farmer and an accountant is valuable in the national boardroom and in the offices of D.C. policymakers.”

Sombke added that he appreciates serving with Kippley on the state and national level because Kippley is serving for the right reasons.

“Like all of us serving in Farmers Union leadership, Jeff is a family farmer who wants a better future on the farm for his kids,” said Sombke, who farms with his three grown sons. “Policy changes need to be made to ensure fair prices for crops and livestock so the next generation can earn an income farming and ranching.”

Jeff Kippley and his wife, Rachel, have four children: Noah, 17; Titus, 15; Aaron, 11; and Moriah, 9.

Advocating for policy to support fair prices for farmers & ranchers

Kippley raises crops and cattle together with his dad, John, wife, Rachel, and their four children near Aberdeen. But like so many family farmers and ranchers across the nation, the Kippley farm income is not enough to support their family. So, together with family, the Kippleys own a tax preparation service. Rachel also works off the farm as the Fair and Park Manager for Brown County.

“As tax advisers, we see the numbers behind many family farms and ranches. And it’s not just our family farm that needs off-farm income to stay afloat financially – it is the majority of family agriculture producers,” Kippley said.

As National Farmers Union Vice President, Kippley will continue to advocate for:

• Price Transparency

• MCOOL (mandatory ountry-of-origin labeling)

• Landowner Rights

• Higher ethanol blends like E30

“Policy changes need to take place soon, so our children can earn a fair living on the family farm or ranch,” Kippley said.

A farmer fighting for farmers

As National Farmers Union Vice President Kippley will travel the nation to meet with Farmers Union members. During his first term he worked to grow membership and guarantee the voice of farmers and ranchers is heard by policymakers in D.C. In his second term, he plans to continue this work.

“Although family farming and ranching operations in other parts of the U.S. may not look like they do in South Dakota – regardless of commodities raised or size, the challenges we as family farmers and ranchers face do look much the same,” Kippley said. “When I meet with policymakers, I make sure they understand that they are talking to a family farmer about real issues impacting family farmers and ranchers. It is important the policies put in place for agriculture producers actually work for us.”

To learn more about Jeff Kippley, visit www.sdfu.org.