Front Postcard

The 2020 virtual convention provides SDFU members and attendees the opportunity to learn, collaborate and grow through thoughtful discussion. Because of Covid-19, the 105th Annual State Convention will be completely online. SDFU strives to keep members safe while still providing learning opportunities and maintaining focus on issues that matter most to our family farmers and ranchers such as the farm economy and providing meaningful support to the men and women who feed, fuel, and clothe us.

*** Delegates – credential cards must be received by December 2, 2020.

2020 Credential Committee

  • Jim Wahle
  • Myrna Hotchkiss
  • Melissa Wonnenberg

2020 Policy Committee

  • David Cap
  • Paul Hotchkiss
  • Robert Lee
  • Hank Wonnenberg
  • Mary Ellen Cammack
  • Danni Beer
  • Jenae Hansen